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Internship opportunity gives students chance to head to the workforce

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(WLNS) – Ten local students are getting the chance of a lifetime as part of a new program at Michigan State University.

Project Search is a national program created to help students with developmental disabilities get needed experience after school.

One of the students, Peggie Baker, has struggled with reading her whole life, but now, the new program is shining a light at the end of her tunnel.

“It means hope, and to me, having that in my life right now is something I really need,” Baker explained.

Getting a job isn’t an easy task and for Baker or the 9 other students, in fact it seems almost unreachable to them.

“For young adults with disabilities often times when they’re school years are over, there isn’t a next step for them,” Spartan Project Instructor Nic Bond said.

The program aims to change that. It offers students with learning disabilities a chance to apply for internships where they can develop skills in and out of the workforce.

“Life here has been manageable,” Baker said.

Baker was accepted for the internship she applied for and now gets to clean to her hearts content, a step in a direction she wasn’t sure she would find.

“Would I be able to get a job?” Baker mused. “Would I be able to get my own apartment, live on my own”?

Although only ten students are in the program this year at MSU, there are several internships the students can apply for.

“We want to make sure the internship site has a wide variety that can provide different job skills training to our students,” Co-Director of Spartan Project Search Connie Sung said.

The program hopes to expand and add more positions in the future so more students with disabilities can find a gate-way into the real world.