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Spartan Project SEARCH began in 2016, and since then over 30 interns have gone through the program. 88% of SPS alumni have found employment after graduating, which is above the international average for Project SEARCH sites (which was 77.3% for the 2017-2018 school year).

Additionally, over 80% of those who found employment were hired by Michigan State University. This is much higher than the average proportion of Project SEARCH graduates who get hired at their site’s host business, which is usually around 30%. The MSU employment numbers show just how strongly the university and staff believe in Spartan Project SEARCH interns and their capabilities!


Graduate Testimonials

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Spartan Project SEARCH Employment Outcomes

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SPS Intern


Q: What have you been doing for Project SEARCH?  A: Landscaping and SnyPhy Facilities

Q: What do you like doing in Project SEARCH?  A: Being outside in summer, indoors in winter, walking

Q: What are your strengths?  A: Being nice, video games, relaxation